Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

XML provides a global service for managing your entire recruitment process that will raise the quality of your hires and minimize the resources needed to find them.

businessman explaining recruitment lifecycle

Start to finish, global recruitment solution.

When you outsource your recruitment process to XML, no matter which country you require this services in, we take care of the recruitment lifecycle from beginning to end. As your RPO partner, we take the time to learn and adapt to your company’s culture and values, ensuring we are able to fully understand your needs and deliver outstanding results.


How outsourcing your Recruitment process to XML benefits your organization.

XML’s recruitment and onboarding experience on a global level, without reliance on third party support, makes us the ideal partner to entrust with full responsibility for your recruitment needs.


Better quality of hires

Identifying the ideal candidate for a role requires a broad range of factors to be considered. XML has the experience and resources to hire candidates whose personality type and achievement record as well as skills and experience, offer the perfect fit. In addition, as an RPO provider, XML’s constant flow of candidates ensures best possible options to select from initially.

Enhanced speed of hire

We recognize that roles frequently need to be filled quickly, and so deliver a highly efficient and rapid hiring process. We work closely with you to understand the specifics of the requirement. We then complete thorough screening and assessment. Finally, we complete the offer presentation and on-boarding of your hires swiftly and efficiently.




Using XML’s RPO service gives you the flexibility to vary your hiring capability in line with your changing need. We provide RPO on a project basis, and this is particularly useful if you are undergoing rapid growth or find it difficult to anticipate needs for some other reasons.

Cost reduction

Using XML’s RPO services offers significant reduction in costs. Recruitment agency fees, job board costs and high turnover can quickly result in budget overruns. In contrast, XML offers a cost-effective integrated solution that lowers or removes your dependency on agencies while delivering outstanding quality hires .



On-boarding experience

Providing candidates with a professional and sympathetic recruitment procedure is vital in beating the competition to secure the best hire. XML’s RPO service provides this for you, combining professionalism, local market knowledge and careful focus on candidates’ individual concerns.

How XML's RPO improves your recruitment and your hires.

Agile, flexible, quick to respond and competitively priced. Our global-reaching RPO service offers a fully flexible alternative to the routine costs and management demands of strategic sourcing, screening, interviewing, shortlisting and on-boarding of selected skilled workers in multiple territories. Most importantly, it gives you better quality hires at a local level, and so greater operational effectiveness and enhanced value. 


We help you hire and oversee your teams in all those geographies and more, even in the most remote locations.

If you want to benefit from XML employment expertise in foreign markets, we invite you to fill the form below and specify your target geography. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Local. Globally.

XML has expertise and resources to meet your organization’s workforce needs wherever, and in whichever field these might be.