Managed Service Provider (MSP)

XML’s MSP program management lets you simplify the way you hire and manage your contingent workforce, no matter how many territories it is spread across, by bringing management of all processes into one outsourced and tailored service solution.

Managed Service Provider

Filling your vacancies under MSP agreement.

As your Managed Service Provider, XML can adopt either a Master Vendor or a Vendor Neutral role.

As a Master Vendor, we take on full responsibility for filling your temporary vacancies. We engage closely with your hiring managers to ensure a thorough understanding of the requirements, then recruit directly. We use sub-suppliers where we are unable to fill a role ourselves in a suitable timeframe.

Where we take on a Vendor Neutral MSP role, we do not source candidates ourselves. In this case, we handle the full management of supplier base on your behalf. We ensure all suppliers meet with all appropriate compliance standards, as well as with our benchmark standard for candidate quality.


How retaining XML as Managed Service Provider benefits your organization.

XML’s approach, experience and local presence in over 120 countries around the world gives us unique capability with which to unify and optimize engagement of your contingent workforce provision.

Supplier optimization

With comprehensive visibility of your entire workforce, XML can rationalize your supplier base and optimize performance.

Standardized process

With overall remit for your contingent workforce, we are able to apply standardized processes across all territories and suppliers.


We have both the local knowledge and expertise to ensure full compliance for your entire workforce.


Our custom-made vendor management system platform enables real time visibility of your supplier-base performance, management and compliances.

Cost optimization

Standardizing processes and consolidating and controlling suppliers, enables optimization of all costs associated with a contingent workforce.

Local knowledge

With local presence in over 120 countries, we have outstanding local knowledge in all areas affecting your workforce.

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How XML optimizes management of your workforce and agencies.

XML enables you to rationalize sourcing, engagement and management of your workforce in multiple countries, even where this includes maintaining relationships with existing local suppliers. This lowers your risk, reduces your management resource requirement, optimizes costs and lets you focus your own involvement at a strategic, rather than operational, level.


We help you hire and oversee your teams in all those geographies and more, even in the most remote locations.

If you want to benefit from XML employment expertise in foreign markets, we invite you to fill the form below and specify your target geography. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Local. Globally.

XML has expertise and resources to meet your organization’s workforce needs wherever, and in whichever field these might be.