Local Presence With Global Reach: International Recruitment Explained

International Recruitment Explained

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International recruitment can eliminate skill gaps, diversify the workplace and even allow you to open new doors by expanding in new locations. Global recruitment can also assist in discovering talent pools to allow for faster recruitment for better-quality candidates. 

When we think of the idea of bringing together the right team, international recruitment can often be an integral step. International recruitment is on the radar of most organisations today, however, some are still reluctant.

Interested in recruiting internationally for new talent to join your team? This guide explains everything you need to know about international recruitment, including the benefits and how you can begin the process of recruiting internationally.

What is International Recruitment?

International recruitment is a method of expanding into global markets and can make an invaluable contribution to the workplace. Popularity in international recruitment has soared in the past year, with remote work being the new normal and with businesses looking to expand on their work culture.

International recruitment is vital for businesses operating internationally or are looking to provide extended working hours for their service offering. Smart HR professionals are now tapping into the world of international recruitment to see the possibilities these changes can bring.

The Benefits of International Recruitment

International recruitment has been a lifeline for many businesses around the world. If you are considering global recruitment, you’ll most likely be looking for the benefits that it can bring to your business.

A Wider Talent Pool

Hiring internationally gives you a wider range of talent pool with skilled workers around the world that are able to provide invaluable skills that aren’t widely available in your own home country. Having this access can be a lifeline to quickly fill a role with all kinds of new opportunities.

Of course, having access to a wider talent pool can give you a valuable edge over your competitors if a unique talent pool isn’t widely used within your country.

Diverse Workplace Culture

Diversity in the workplace is critical in bringing a fresh array of perspectives to the table. When you create a diverse work environment where employees see a representation of a variety of cultures and backgrounds, they’re more likely to feel comfortable being themselves.

Hiring internationally can act as a catalyst for building diversity in the team with welcomed change as a diverse team makes for a happier team with a community atmosphere.

Extended Working Hours

Whether you’re looking to serve your audience around the world or hoping to extend your working hours to provide a more accessible service, recruiting internationally can allow you to extend your working hours to provide a unique, around the clock service.

These extended working hours allows you to cover multiple time zones alongside an improved overall experience to suit international customers and those a little more local. If you are looking to bring in more international customers, international recruitment is essential.

Better Understanding of New Markets

Whether you’re expanding into new markets or just looking to gain insights into international markets, investing in international hires gives you an insight into different markets and customer types that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

International hires will have unique experiences and the different perspective that brings with it, alongside an invaluable understanding of foreign markets. You’re not just getting insights into new markets, but also gaining access to them. 

Improved Customer Service 

Hiring internationally allows businesses to provide better customer service to their growing worldwide customer base by offering a bilingual service and having the ability to cover extended hours to become easily accessible for clients and customers. Clients and customers can also feel more understood if they have someone who they can relate with and can have a fluent conversation in their own language.

Expanding with international hires can give you a fresh insight and perspective of areas of improvement and ways to improve your customer service. 

How to Recruit Internationally

International candidates always have something to offer and can be a real stand out option, so if you are looking to recruit internationally, you might want to consider outsourcing your international recruitment. 

Doing this can help you overcome some common challenges faced within a business, including a lack of expertise in global markets, lack of tools to effectively recruit internationally, locating suitable candidates, screening a large number of CVs and, most importantly, complying with local regulations. If necessary, international recruitment agencies can also assist with work permits and visas.

If you have concerns surrounding managing local payroll for international employees, this can also be outsourced on your behalf.

At XML, we have the expertise and resources to meet your organisation’s workforce needs. If you would like to talk to us about Contingent Workforce Services, or about any other area in which XML might be able to help you, please get in touch.

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