Software Developer – Dortmund – Germany

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Job Issue Date:
2019-09-26 06:14:47

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2019-11-30 00:00:00

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Collaborate with users and business functions to shape and evolve epics and user stories
Leverage story maps to plan and manage release scope
Create designs for user interfaces, system interfaces and system architecture
Coding with state of art programming languages and tools
Unit tests, system tests and integration tests in distributed software architecture
Automated production deployment
Learn from production feedback about stability and performance to drive application evolution


Focus on success and customer experience, ability to work autonomously, dedicated to leading edge IT technology
Lean agile methodologies like Scrum, SAFe or Kanban
Programming languages Java, Javascript, C/C++, Perl & Python
SQL or non-SQL databases like Oracle or Mongo DB
System interfaces with REST, SOAP or IBM MQ
Version control systems such as Git, CVS, Subversion or Mercurial
Windows- and Unix-based environments
Fluent English speaker


International collaboration
Outsourcing and offshore models
Cloud environments such as AWS
Conversational bot platforms such as Alexa or Google Assistant
AI/Client platforms such as Tensor Flow or Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
Application platforms like Weblogic, Tomcat or node.js
Continuous integration software like Jenkins
Issue tracking software like Jira
UI frameworks like Angular JS or React
Ericsson Order Care framework
Fluent German speaker


Bachelor’s or master’s degree or equivalent work experience in computer science / information technology or equivalent work experience