Consultant Safety and Construction – Germany

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2019-11-21 08:42:36

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2019-11-30 00:00:00

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 In the case of the annual safety reports, regular inspections and compliance checks with the regulations, information about the contents of Uniper Wasserkaft dams and drainage / barrier structures is provided, which must be assessed and resolved in terms of content. The instructions must be transferred to measures, tracked (Project Management Office) and coordinated with the relevant Uniper managers for implementation. Project start: 01.12.2019 / End of project: 30.11.2021
° Consultancy in the area of congestion safety and construction and maintenance projects on individual dams ° Project management, support of service providers – evaluation of contents and partly self-responsible implementation of instructions / measures. In addition, in consultation with the Uniper managers, it is necessary to prepare the corresponding tenders / courses and to manage the implementation on site with the service providers on behalf of Uniper (project manager activity).
° Creation of tenders in accordance with the Uniper Purchasing Guidelines for Construction, Maintenance and Service Activities, Proposal Evaluation ° Independent processing and / or supervision of measures and projects for storage facility security (reporting, documentation, static proof, planning, plan management, duplication, quality assurance) – consultants are responsible for drawing up work schedules and schedules, coordinating these with Uniper and service providers ° Construction supervision and local construction supervision
– Identification of suitable service providers and their management to implement the (local) measures defined by Uniper
– To monitor the measures to be implemented and to check their progress / conclusion in accordance with Uniper's specifications & advice from Unipers
– Initiation of the final approval of successfully implemented measures by Uniper ° Consultation of the power plant group Lech, Danube and Isar in the context of the congestion safety (esp. Dams) ° Sub-works are to be taken over independently