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Installation Scheduler – Netherlands

Job ID:

Job Number:

Job Description:

Overall Objective:
 Provide the scheduling of installations and fulfilment support in a fast paced, high growth environment.
 Reach out to customers to schedule installation of orders, while coordinating with subcontractor technicians.
 Escalate all order issues with Operations Management team.
 Participate on weekly installations review calls providing updates on outstanding orders.
 Understanding of Salesforce.com and SAP, and or willing to master the website at a fast pace.

Candidate Traits
 Ability to work Independently.
 Keep organised records of customer orders.
 Identify and recommend opportunities to improve processes.
 Ability to make and receive 100 phone calls per day.

Strong Communication Skills:
 Strong Listening Skills.
 One second language required – English.
 Pleasant and personable approach addressing customers and co-workers.
 Ability to build and maintain a great relationship with sub-contractor technicians, and with our Sales department.
 Willingness to negotiate, and persuade customer to take installation as soon as possible.

Customer and Detail Focused:
 Works hard to ensure customer satisfaction
 Recognizes customer needs
 Willingness to accept and take ownership of customer issues
 Excellent attention to detail processing orders

Tolerance of Ambiguity/Flexibility
 Accepts and thrives in an ever-changing environment