Global Employer of Record (EOR)

If you wish to establish operations in new territories anywhere in the world without needing to establish costly and unnecessary infrastructure, XML’s Global Employer of Record Services enable you to do so, with all employer obligations being fulfilled by XML through a local entity. 

Global Employer of Record

Employ anywhere, quickly and with full compliance.

Under our Global Employer of Record (Global EOR) service, XML employs your workers on your behalf through our local entity in the required country. We then serve as the legal Employer of Record, while you retain complete control of the workers. 

Within this arrangement, we look after everything from on-boarding to off-boarding, making sure all local and international obligations are met. We have our own entities through which to deliver this services in over 50 countries worldwide. 

This number is continually growing, and we will as a matter of course set up a new entity in any country in which the service is required but we are not yet present.

Global Employer of Record
Global Employer of Record

Immigration Services and Relocation Support.

XML offers expert Immigration and Relocation support, in cases where you are relocating existing workers or new recruits. Our Global Mobility team ensures that every aspect of the procedure and transition goes smoothly, and that your relocating workers have a single point of contact to deal with their visa requirements and work permit sponsorship, as well as with co-ordination and ongoing support throughout their assignment. 


How using XML's Global Employer of Record service benefits your organization.

XML’s comprehensive global Employer of Record service, along with our Immigration and Relocation Support services, make us the ideal partner to entrust with responsibility for expanding your workforce into new territories quickly and cost effectively.

Quick new market entry

Eliminate the lead time involved in establishing compliant employer entities in countries you wish to set up new operations in.

Compliance and risk mitigation

With XML acting as employer, your compliance obligations are immediately passed to us, and so your exposure to penalties and risks is eliminated.

Local payroll

We run payroll in more than 50 countries (and will always add to this if requested) via our own local entities.

HR support

Forget about trying to provide HR support to your workers. We deliver all required HR functions for you, from start to finish of contract.

Immigration assistance and relocation support

We deal with all immigration protocol for you, and support your workers with all ongoing matters relating to their relocation. 

Benefit expertise

In all EOR locations, we provide the full statutory benefits required by local law. Additional non-mandatory benefits can be arranged and tailored to meet your specific requirements.

In-country worker support

With our own entity on the ground in over 50 countries, we are there to help your workers with any matter that arises locally.


Our Employer of Record countries.

Let us know if your country of interest is not listed below. We are always willing to establish a new EOR entity in order to support our clients.

How XML helps you focus on new initiatives.

Our Employer of Record services make it quicker, easier and less costly for you to expand into new markets, launch new projects or fulfil new international contracts if you do not have infrastructure of your own to employ a workforce in the countries concerned. 

We set up local Payroll for you in any country, handling all duties and obligations of the employer and enabling you to concentrate your own resources and management time on operational matters.

Get in touch.

Please complete the form if you would like to talk to us about acting as Employer of Record for your organization in any of the countries listed. Contact us, too, to discuss us acting as EOR in any other country, even if this is not listed.

Local. Globally.

XML has expertise and resources to meet your organization’s workforce needs wherever, and in whichever field these might be.