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XML’s success is built on four core values: can do attitude, ownership, customer centricity and ethic. By focusing on these in developing and delivering our services, we are able to ensure your interests as a client are always best served.

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Partnership Approach

We consider each client as a business partner. We recognise that only by nurturing a thorough understanding of strategic and operational needs and corporate culture can we deliver workforce solutions able to support their business and its growth around the world. We do not believe in ‘you’ and ‘us’: we believe in ‘we’. We appreciate that our own success is linked inextricably with the success we are able to help you to achieve.

Knowledge and transparency

Our accumulated knowledge and experience of managing workforces around the world in diverse sectors and locations gives us a unique capability to offer to clients.

We aim to deliver this through service which far exceeds that provided by our competitors, and by operating with integrity and transparency in all matters.

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Why Choose XML International

Flexible Business Model

It is the defining characteristic of XML that we do not use third parties to deliver our services. Everything is provided directly by us.

Price and quality guarantee

Handling all functions in-house ensures we can remain flexible and respond to your needs swiftly, at competitive prices and to the highest standards.

Honesty and Integrity

We are scrupulous in our dealings with both clients and consultants. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstone of the way we think and operate.

Local knowledge, global presence

We have in depth local knowledge and a robust operational practice, via our own legal and accountancy personnel based in each of our countries of presence.

Our Leadership Team

Ron Golan
Ron Golan

General Manager

Sandie Bonner

Sandie Bonner

Chief Operations Officer


Sanjay Kapoor

Chief Financial Officer

Ana Jantolic

Ana Jantolic

Business Development Director

Lior Wiesel

Lior Wiesel

Chief Commercial Officer

Photo of Rocky Pienaar

Rocky Pienaar

Legal Counsel

Alice Ciregia

Alice Ciregia

Company Secretary Assistant 

Parul Agarwal

Parul Agarwal

Deputy Company Secretary


We help you hire and oversee your teams in all those geographies and more, even in the most remote locations.

If you want to benefit from XML employment expertise in foreign markets, we invite you to fill the form below and specify your target geography. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Local. Globally

XML has expertise and resources to meet your organization’s workforce needs wherever, and in whichever field these might be.